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Venue: Meringue Girls Kitchen, Broadway Market Mews, London
Time: 10am - 1pm

Jane Beedle (GBBO Finalist, Series 7) will lead a bread-making masterclass, showing you all the skills you'll need to make three wonderful savoury breads! If you're looking to learn how to get a perfectly proved dough every time you bake, then this is the class for you! Jane will pass on her best hints and tips for making a stuffed couronne; crunchy crispbreads; and a delicious sodabread. You'll never be without fresh bread at home ever again!

We’ll start off the day with teas and coffees, before we put on our aprons and watch Jane demonstrate all the skills required to make these brilliant breads. We'll spend around 2h baking, before tucking in to the fruits of our labour whilst hearing stories about Jane's time on TV!

Your class includes a glass of prosecco, snacks and soft drinks.

Please note all participants will bake in pairs. Price is per person.

'Individual' tickets are £99 per person, whilst a 'Pair' ticket can be purchased for the discounted rate of £175.

Jane's Bread Bonanza - London - 27th January 2018

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