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Jane Beedle reveals which contestant got a real buzz in the Bake Off tent!

Bake With GBBO Finalist Jane Beedle

If you're a lover of all things baking, we're willing to bet that at some point in your amateur baking life, you've dreamt of starring in the Great British Bake Off. A five tier cake, each made with an obscure fruit from countries you've never been to? No problem! A dessert that is so delicate it'll collapse if you even dare to breathe nearby? You've got this! A bread that needs to spell out at least one of Shakespeare's complete works? Not even a challenge! And for 12 lucky bakers every year, the Bake Off dream very much becomes a reality.

But 2016 finalist Jane Beedle has recently revealed just how quickly the dream can turn into a nightmare, recounting a now hilarious anecdote from her time in the tent. Speaking to the Express, Jane described the moment one of her fellow bakers was forced to get naked in front of the Bake Off judges, and all because of a pesky insect!

"It was a hot day in the tent and we were filming at our baking stations. I was in front of Andrew and Candice was behind him.

"Andrew is afraid of wasps and Candice spotted one land on the collar of his shirt. She tried to flick it off but I think she accidentally flicked it down into his shirt.

"He started running around, taking off his apron and then his shirt in a panic."

"He suddenly realised that he's standing there half-naked in front of Mary Berry! So then he ducks down behind the counter all embarrassed.

"Thankfully he didn't get stung in the process, and no wasps were harmed in the making of this show."

Talk about getting a real buzz from the Bake Off experience!

Bake With Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth

Jane and Andrew have many more stories from their time inside the Bake Off tent, and you can hear them all when you bake with them at one of our classes!

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