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Former contestants give their thoughts ahead of the 2018 GBBO Final

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

With the Bake Off Final less than a week away, we caught up with some of our Legends to get their thoughts on what might happen in the tent next Tuesday evening......

I think that this year it’s impossible to predict who will win the final. All three are amazing bakers and any one could win, I wouldn’t want to call it. Rahul seemed invincible at the beginning of the series but the others have risen to the challenge. Kim-Joy had a wobble in the semis but found an inner strength and Ruby seems to smile through adversity.

Who will win? It depends on who copes best with the time constraints and whether the challenges play to their strengths. Good luck to all three. Can’t wait!!!

I think Rahul and Kim-Joy have shown fantastic skill and creativity but they’ve both been hit by nerves and bad luck in recent weeks so it depends if they can turn things around and keep calm and focused enough for the Final. Ruby has seemed less fazed when things haven’t gone to plan, so she has the right temperament to win, but I wouldn’t like to bet on the final outcome!

I do love Kim-Joy's creativity and quirky approach to her finishing touches. Sadly sometimes, it does seem that her nerves get to her.

Rahul produces beautiful flavours in his bakes, but in the past couple of episodes he has been struggling with the pressure of the tasks.

Ruby just seems to be taking the ups and downs very bravely and just goes for it no matter what!

Who do I think will win? Well..... hmmmmm....Paul seems to really like Rahul, so perhaps he'll be this year's winner?

You can bake with Jane, Howard and Ugne at our public classes, or for your own private event. Get in touch now for more details.



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