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Kate Henry

Bake With Kate Henry

Kate Henry is a self-styled bakeaholic, who hasn't been able to stop baking since she was a contestant on BBC’s hugely successful The Great British Bake Off 2014.

Before entering Bake Off, Kate worked as an upholsterer in her home town of Brighton, having moved from London in 2007. She describes Brighton as being "such a sunny place, in attitude if not in actual sunshine"! 

Since finishing the show Kate has experimented with and shared a lot of sugar-free and gluten-free recipes (including filming episodes for a YouTube channel!) to make it easier for people to find healthy alternatives. She is also currently writing a low-sugar book.

Although Kate's life has totally changed since first appearing on TV (she admits to still not being used to being recognised), what hasn't changed is that she still bakes every day!

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