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By our bakers

Are you looking for a unique cake for a special occasion and want the perfect way to give someone an unforgettable surprise? At Bake With A Legend, we can provide a slice (or ten!) of something special in your own home or office!

All of our bakers can make custom-designed cakes and bakes for you and your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, our bakers have the skill and experience to make a truly stunning, bespoke cake that will taste fantastic, and be remembered by all! Our bakers use the best ingredients when baking, and can tailor their own recipes to cater for your needs and requirements.


As well as the cake itself, our bakers can hand-deliver their creations to your door, and can even provide a baking masterclass in your own home! Enjoy a slice of your baker's cake whilst reminiscing with them about their time on TV.

Get in touch using the link below, and we will be more than happy to give you a price for your commission. 


Ian Cumming Cake Commission
Ian Cumming with Bake With A Legend Customer
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